Gail Ramesh is the founder of Unveiled Ministries and sought-after speaker, author, and Bible teacher. Gail comes with a deep desire to invite broken, weary and hurting women into a personal and in-depth encounter with Jesus where they can experience His rest, refreshment, healing, and transformation. Gail longs to equip, lead and launch women into a life of fresh faith where their feet walk differently from applying what they learned while they were with her.

Statement of Beliefs

We believe God has always been, currently is, and always will be. He is an eternal God with no beginning or ending.
We believe there is no power above the God of the Bible.
We believe God is a mystery, far deeper than our minds can ever comprehend here on earth. He is one God, yet three. Each of the three is equally God – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. There are many analogies that try to help us comprehend this, but as He is infinite, and we are finite, we can’t totally understand God.
We believe each of these three persons of God is a part of God. Each has the same power, position and importance as God. Each part is real and each part has a role that is all their own to fulfill.
We believe God is Sovereign and nothing can trump Him or His miraculous power.
We believe God is not alone. He has angels that accompany Him, worship Him, and serve Him. They are real, they are mighty and they are powerful.
We believe that as there is good in this world, there is also evil. Long ago Lucifer, a significant angel, let his pride take control because he wanted God’s position, so he waged a war to get that title. But because he didn’t stand a chance against our great God, he lost, was thrown to earth, and took 1/3 of the angels with him. He continues to be a real and opposing presence in this world. While our enemy is mighty and powerful, God is much more so!
We believe God’s story, Satan’s story and our story are contained in the written word of the Bible which is miraculously inspired by God. It is true, perfect and dependable. This Book is both living and active with the power to accomplish what it says it can do. We rely on this Book for our daily bread, we have never found it to fail us and never will, nor anyone else when they are truly looking to it for Truth.
We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and a part of the Trinity. We believe He came to earth through the virgin Mary and was born fully man and fully God. His mission is and was redemption of God’s people, the apple of His eye. Redemption was on His mind, and redemption was the purpose of His horrible death on the cross. His blood that was shed for us is what washes us whiter than snow, and His resurrection is what heralds the power He has, even over death. Through His death, burial and resurrection, we have exchanged our life of death for a life eternal with God.
We believe our salvation is a gift more precious than we can know on this side of Heaven! Without it, we are more lost than we know. Salvation is a gift that is offered to us, but we need to reach out and receive it. The gift of salvation comes from confessing our sins and realizing that without Jesus, we are separated from the heart of God. The only way to restore the intimacy that God and our hearts so desire is through the death of Jesus on the cross. Through believing that Jesus died for our sins and acknowledging Him as the Lord of our life, He then moves into our hearts and takes up residence there.
We believe a follower of Jesus walks in faith daily. This is a journey the world does not understand, nor do we at times. It’s a daily relinquishing of our plans for His plans. It’s a constant movement towards humility so He may have supremacy. It’s a daily giving of our hearts to Him, the worship of our souls that is due Him, and so much more!
We believe Heaven and Hell are real places. We believe that apart from believing in Jesus, we are destined to spend eternity in a horrible place, which is what we deserve. We believe the death Christ endured on the cross is what we deserve because of the sinful life we are born with, but we are grateful that God has a plan in place, through Jesus, that will take our life from eternal death to eternal life in Him.
We believe that men and women are uniquely created beings made in the image of God. Men and women each reflect unique pieces of God’s heart in their own way as God meant for them to do. We believe that God created marriage as a holy and sacred union that unites one man and one woman for life. We believe that physical intimacy is meant for a man and woman in a marriage union alone.
We believe our natural tendency as people is to live life alone, centered on ourselves, but the life that Jesus calls us into is a life of community with other believers who are all living life to bring God glory and honor through the big things, and the smallest things, in their lives. This is a challenging journey, and God never expected us to do it alone. The Body of Christ is a beautiful thing, and when it functions well, it points to a holy God that loves the world deeply!
We believe that following Jesus requires a daily commitment. We can’t ask Him into our hearts, and then live however we want. We believe that, on a daily basis, we must come to Him as His humble followers and surrender ourselves to His Lordship in our hearts and lives. On a daily basis, we must intimately connect ourselves to His heart and draw our life from Him. In this way, we will find that our feet are walking differently, our mouths are speaking differently and our hands are doing different things, all of which will point to God and bring Him glory, honor, and praise. As we do these things daily, we are become more and more like Jesus!

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